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Reduced Rate Application

  1. Reduced Rate Program Application

    Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District offers a Reduced Rate Program (RRP) for qualifying residential property owners. The District’s customer is the record owner of a parcel served by a sewer connection. The reduced rate is a discount off the standard residential wastewater rate and is subject to change on a Fiscal Year basis. All applications must be received and approved by June 30 in order to be applied to the following year (July to June) annual user fees assessed on the property tax bill. All applications received and approved after June 30 but no later than December 31 will be reflected on your property tax bill as an adjustment to the April property tax payment. The District will notify you of your application status.

    Program Requirements

    1. Current participation in the PG&E’s CARE Program or Island Energy's Low Income Residential Electrical Service Program is required. Please attach a copy of your most recent electrical billing showing participation in the program. The program name and address must agree with the name and address applied for below. 
    2. The address applied for must be your primary residence.
    3. Each application shall be for one residence only.
    4. The reduced rate is not transferable to a new address or another person. If you move, you may reapply for the program for the new address.
    5. You must apply for the program every 2 years to continue to receive the reduced rate.
    6. The District may at its discretion remove you from the program if it determines that you are no longer eligible or meet program requirements.
    7. You may use this form to submit your application and supporting documents, or you may mail/deliver your completed application and supporting documents to:
      Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District
      Attn: Customer Service/RRP
      450 Ryder Street
      Vallejo, CA 94590
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