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  1. Contact Us
  2. Public Records Request
  1. Odor Complaint Form

    Smell a sewer odor? Please let us know so we can research and possibly eliminate the odor problem.


  1. Mapping/Infrastructure Requests

    Please submit a request using this form if you are in search of information regarding maps, as-built information, infrastructure, etc.

  1. Upper Lateral Status Request

    Complete and submit this form if you are inquiring about the status of your Upper Lateral application, requesting proof of a past... More…


  1. Billing or Finance Questions
  2. Request For Release of Utility Lien(s)

    Why was a lien placed against my property? A public entity utility lien is placed against properties that have outstanding delinquent... More…

  1. Reduced Rate Application

    Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District offers a Reduced Rate Program for qualifying residential customers who own and are living in their... More…


  1. Make a Claim - Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District

    Use this form to make a claim for injury or property damage. This form is provided pursuant to state law (Government Code Section 910... More…