What Will Businesses Pay?

Broadly speaking, the business and commercial rate will rise by the same amount as residential rates. However, each business or commercial property pays a unique amount, depending on how much water drains from the site into the stormwater system.  Smaller businesses with smaller surface area pay lower fees, while larger businesses with larger surface area pay proportionally higher fees.

Contact us using our online form with your street address or APN number, and we will calculate the proposed fee for your property. Or you can call our finance customer service line at (707) 644-8976 and ask to have your proposed new rate calculated. 

Can Nonprofits be exempted?

State law requires that all property owners, regardless of whether they are for-profit companies or not-for-profit organizations, are required to pay their fair share of these expenses. Lowering the rates for one group would mean raising the rates for another group. Except in very limited circumstances, it is not legal to charge different rates based on the rate payer’s characteristics.  All users pay a fee based on their proximate impact to the system or the demand for service they generate.

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