What Service Improvements Will We See?

The most important service improvements will help us keep Austin Creek and other channels from clogging up with weeds and trash, causing flooding. With these improvements and continued maintenance, floodwaters can move quickly out of the city to the Mare Island Strait.  We will also install trash removal devices and replace stormwater pipes that run under city streets.

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1. What are "Stormwater Services"?
2. Why Increase Rates?
3. Didn't We Just Approve a Stormwater Rate Increase?
4. What Service Improvements Will We See?
5. What will Residents Pay?
6. What Will Businesses Pay?
7. Will There Be Financial Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?
8. Why Not Just Use Sewer Fee Money For This?
9. How Do I Know the Money Will Be Used as Promised?
10. Does It Ever Flood in Vallejo?
11. My Property Doesn't Flood. Why Should I Have to Pay?
12. When and Where is the Public Hearing?
13. How Do I Protest the Proposed Fee Increase?
14. What Are the Next Steps?