Connection and Development Fees

If your project includes (but not limited to) new construction, a major remodel, or a change in use, you may be required to obtain a sewer connection and/or storm water connection permit. If you are required to obtain a connection permit, the following fees apply.  Development review fees may also be required, as follows.

Connection Fees:

For a complete listing of connection fees, please refer to our most recent Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Connection Fees 

The sewer connection fee for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for both attached and detached units is based on the size of the unit (in square feet).

 Please refer to our most recent Schedule of Fees and Charges for details on the ADU connection fees. 

Upper Later Replacement

Other Development Fees

Fees are charged related to various development reviews and inspections.  A complete list of fees is available in the current Schedule of Fees or by contacting the Engineering Department.