Trash Capture Devices

Trash_Capture_DrawingThe District actively works throughout the year to remove trash from Vallejo’s waterways. With our partners at the Vallejo Watershed Alliance, we host monthly cleanings along local waterways; in areas where it’s not appropriate for volunteers we fund professional cleanings several times a year; and we operate and maintain several trash removal devices that screen litter out as water moves through the storm drain system.

With the City of Vallejo, we are co-permittees on a regional stormwater permit that measures our compliance in a number of areas, including trash. The current permit requires a significant investment in full capture trash devices, similar to the one pictured here. Over the last several years, we installed and maintained seven trash nets. In 2022, we completed installation of trash capture devices at three new sites. These new installations total approximately $5 million in design and construction costs; this number does not include the cost of ongoing maintenance. The three sites are Solano Avenue at Wilson Park, Sonoma Boulevard behind Highway 29 Healthcare, and BW Williams at Lewis Brown Drive.