Flood Prevention

Flooded StreetYou can help prevent or reduce damage caused by flooding by doing the following:

· Clean out gutter downspouts.

· Keep trash and leaves out of gutters to prevent clogging storm drains.

· Keep the drainage system (creeks and culverts) on your property clear of debris. 

· Clear dead trees that may block a drainage system.

· Secure motor oil, antifreeze, and household chemicals on high, enclosed shelves.

· Landscape with native plants that resist soil erosion.

· Raise your washer, dryer and other equipment that uses electricity in your garage above the base flood elevation. If you have a basement, install flood shields or barriers above the base flood elevation. Learn more about base flood elevations here. 

· Keep your emergency supplies, including food, water, prescriptions and other needs on shelves well above your base flood elevation.