Storm Drain System

Storm DrainThe storm drain system helps prevent floods by diverting rainwater into nearby waterways. The rainwater, and anything that washes into it such as trash or other pollutants, flows into storm drains and through underground pipes directly into the nearest creek, lake, or strait. Stormwater is not treated.

The District maintains more than 250 miles of stormwater pipes, and over 5,000 catch basins and other types of infrastructure that help protect Vallejo from flooding. District staff work diligently to prevent pollution from entering the storm drain system both with hardware (trash capture devices and racks that strain litter, leaves and branches, etc.) and through human power: we contract with landscaping companies to do quarterly trash cleanups in hot spots, and provide monthly volunteer opportunities for citizens to help with trash issues through our partnership with the Vallejo Watershed Alliance and by leading Coastal Cleanup Day efforts each September. 

Trash is an expensive issue in Vallejo, and our agency, along with the City of Vallejo, Greater Vallejo Recreation District, and Recology Vallejo, spend a lot of time and money to keep our community clean. But we cannot do it without the care and participation of our community members, and we appreciate all the efforts that volunteers bring --- whether through the Vallejo Watershed Alliance or one of the City's community cleanups.

For more information on our trash efforts, and how you can help, please contact our Public Information Officer at 707-652-7812.