Developers & Contractors

Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District's engineering staff works closely with the City of Vallejo. If you have applied for a permit with the City of Vallejo, you may be directed to Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District for additional permitting and/or plan review to ensure that your project meets the requirements of both City and District standards.

Development Category Table

The easiest way to understand the various requirements is to call the District at 707-644-8949, ext. 1305. Based on your type of project, the Engineering Department will determine if any connection fees are due, which permits are needed, and what rates you will be charged. In most cases, your development plans will need to be submitted at the same time. If permitting is required, you will also need to submit a Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain Information form.

Commercial Building / Remodeling

If your commercial development project has any discharge in excess of hand washing and toilet use, you must fill out a Pre-Treatment Questionnaire and submit it to the District's Engineering Department for review. As you prepare plans to build or remodel, you need to be familiar with the operating requirements with which the business will have to comply once it is opened. These requirements may have an impact on your plans to build or remodel.

Changes to Sewer or Stormwater Flow/Runoff

Any change of use in residential or commercial sites that changes the amount, strength or type of sewer flow or increases your stormwater runoff flow requires you to also submit a Sanitary Sewer Information Form to the Engineering Department for review. Some work may also require a Sewer Encroachment Permit.

Sanitary / Storm Drain Connection Changes

If your sanitary sewer or storm drain connection is changed in any way, even if there is no change of use, your project must be reviewed by the Engineering Department. Please submit your plans to the District office at 450 Ryder Street in Vallejo.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

The District recognizes two types of accessory dwelling units:

  • Attached ADU: unit that is constructed and contained within the existing space of the single-family residence or accessory structure and has an independent exterior access from the existing residence
  • Detached ADU: accessory dwelling unit that is constructed either to expand the footprint of the existing single-family residence or accessory structure, or to be a new accessory structure on the parcel

ADUs  smaller than 500 square feet will be subject to development fees that include plan review, inspection, and administrative processing. ADUs greater than 500 square feet will be subject to development and connection/capacity charges. For fee information, click here.

If you have any questions, please call us at 707-644-8949, ext. 1305.