Residential Rates

Wastewater and storm water annual service fees are collected as an assessment on your property tax statement.  The annual fee on the tax statement is comprised of three different fees:  sewer (wastewater) fee, storm water (flood control) fee, and upper lateral program fee.

View our complete fee schedule for more information.

Sewer (Wastewater) Fees

These fees are collected to pay for the collection, treatment, and eventual discharge of your home waste water from toilets, showers, dishwashers, clothes washers, sinks, etc.  Rates are set every five years by the Board of Trustees, with the last rate setting process completed in 2023.  The following annual rates are set for the following tax years:

July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023 is $769.44 per year
July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024 is $884.88 per year

This is an annual fee and is the same for single family homes, multi-family homes (duplex, triplex, etc.), apartments, condos and mobile homes.  For multi-family complexes, mobile homes and apartments, the fee is applied to each unit.

For those customers that are eligible for PG&E's CARE Program, the District offers a 17.5% reduction in the annual sewer fee through our Reduced Rate Program (RRP).  For tax year July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024, the reduction is $154.86, and reduces the annual sewer fee to $730.02.

Storm Water (Flood Control) Fees

Storm water fees, also called storm drainage fees or flood control fees, are collected to pay for the costs associated with conveying storm water in pipes, ditches and channels, including vegetation management and trash removal in our Storm Water Program

Storm water fees are charged based on the relative impact that a particular unit has on the system. Larger lots pay a higher rate, while high density units pay a lower rate.

View the complete fee schedule for details. 

Upper Lateral Program

The FY 2023-24 Upper Lateral fee of $1.70 per month ($20.40 per year) is the sole funding source for the District's Upper Lateral Program. The program helps to offset the cost of repairing or replacing private sewer pipes in the greater Vallejo area.