Discharge to the Sewer

If you are a resident, there are a few things you can discharge to the sewer (body waste, toilet paper, and garbage disposal refuse), but nothing else should go down the drain or in the toilet.

Cooking Oil

Most sewer overflows in Vallejo are caused by too much cooking grease heading into the sink instead of the trash. These overflows can create health hazards, damage homes, and harm the environment. Home garbage disposals do not keep grease out of the plumbing system. They shred solid material into smaller pieces, but do not prevent grease from going down the drain. Do not pour grease down drains or into garbage disposals. Scrape plates into the trash before washing or loading into the dishwasher. Wipe out small amounts of grease in pans with a paper towel prior to washing. Put baskets or strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids, and empty them into the trash.

If you have a large amount of grease left over from deep frying, you can recycle it. Simply bring it to Recology Vallejo at 2021 Broadway in Vallejo on Saturdays between 8 am and 3:30 pm. No appointment is needed, but they are closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day. For more information, call 707-552-3110.

Household Hazardous Waste

Paint, motor oil, cooking oil, solvents, pesticides, chemicals, unused medicine, and other household hazardous wastes must be taken to a household hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. By law, you may not dispose of these items in the trash, sanitary sewer, or storm drain. The Napa-Vallejo Household Hazardous Waste Facility provides disposal solutions for Vallejo residents.

Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs & Fountains

Did you know that you may harm your local creek or the Bay if you drain your swimming pool or spa water into the gutter? Water in pools and spas is treated with a variety of chemicals such as chlorine and algaecides. If that water is discharged to a storm drain, it will eventually reach a creek or river where the chemicals cause harm.

Our Pools and Spas brochure (PDF) will teach you how to properly dispose of pool, fountain, and spa water.

Recreational Vehicles (RVs)

The District has a free dump for RVs.

Commercial/Business Owners

Certain businesses require ongoing discharge permits; others may need temporary permits depending on the type of discharge. If you are discharging anything other than toilet or sink water to the sewer, even on a temporary basis, please contact the Environmental Compliance Department at 707-652-7813.