Dental Hygienist Checking Boys TeethDental facilities that place or remove mercury-containing fillings are required to install and maintain District-approved amalgam separators. They must also keep records of proper amalgam disposal. District staff inspects dental practices every two years to review paperwork and confirm that staff are aware of the following required amalgam management practices:

  • Do not rinse chairside traps, vacuum screens, or amalgam separator equipment in a sink or other sanitary sewer connection.
  • Train staff in the proper handling and disposal of amalgam materials and fixer-containing solutions; training records must be available for inspection.
  • Do not use bleach or other chlorine-containing disinfectants to disinfect the vacuum line system.
  • Do not use bulk liquid mercury; only precapsulated dental amalgam is permitted.
  • Store amalgam waste in accordance with recycler or hauler instructions.

If you have any questions about the District's Dental Program, call 707-644-8949, ext. 1608.