Permitting & Plan Review

Man Working on Sewer LineAll public or private sewer and drainage works proposed to be constructed, altered, or reconstructed by anyone within District boundaries requires review and approval by the District's Engineering Department. You may contact the department at 707-644-8949, ext. 1100.

Fillable forms require Adobe Reader DC.

Sewer Connection Permits

If your project includes but is not limited to new construction, a major remodel, or a change in use, you may be required to obtain a sewer connection permit. You will be directed to fill out a Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain Information form by your reviewing engineer.

If you are required to get a sewer connection permit, the following fees may be applicable. Please note: this document includes annual service charges in addition to connection permit fees.

If you are building or remodeling a food service establishment or another business that has the potential to discharge non-domestic waste to the sewer, you will be required to meet VFWD’s source control standards. The engineer reviewing your plan will direct you to fill out a Pre-Treatment Questionnaire (PDF)

Sewer Encroachment Permits

If your project includes work on any part of a private or public sewer lateral, you will be required to fill out a sewer encroachment permit application. This permit is free.

Concrete/Mortar Work

Please review the brochure below if your job includes concrete and/or mortar work.